Chancery Court

Chancery Court hears civil cases involving real property, wills, estates, divorce, child custody and support, adoption, lunacy, and drug and alcohol commitments. Keeps record of all wills and documents filed in cases presented to the court. After a time, records are retired to the vaults of the County Archives, in the Courthouse Annex.

Carolyn Mooney, Chancery Clerk
500 Constitution Ave.  |   1st Floor
Meridian, MS 39301
601-482-9720 |

Judge Larry Primeaux, Chancery Court Judge
500 Constitution Ave.  |  2nd Floor
Meridian, MS 39301

Judge Charles E. "Charlie" Smith, Chancery Court Judge
500 Constitution Ave.  |  2nd Floor
Meridian, MS 39301


Circuit Court

Circuit Court of the 10th Judicial District – Lauderdale, Clarke, Wayne and Kemper counties – handles all felony criminal cases and civil cases with unlimited monetary jurisdiction (product liability, auto accidents, medical negligence, etc.), issues summons and subpoenas, process and warrants. Most cases in Circuit Court involve jury trials, which is where the duties of the Circuit Clerk come into play.

500 Constitution Ave, 2nd Floor, Meridian, MS 39301

PO BOX 1005, Meridian MS 39302-1005

601.482.9738 Fax 601.484.3970


Filing Fee $162.00 (County Court $155)

Circuit Court Administrator

Gayle Wink

PO Box 1262, Meridian MS 39302-1262

601.482.9742 Fax 601.484.3970


Circuit Judges

Charles W. Wright, Jr PO Box 1677 , Meridian MS 39302-1677

Robert T. "Bo" Bailey  PO BOox 1262, Meridian MS 39902-1262

Office 601.482.9742


Lauderdale County Youth Justice Center

Youth Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all cases wherein a juvenile (a child younger than age 18) is alleged to be a child in need of supervision, an abused child, a neglected child or a delinquent child (one who commits a crime).

Angela Turner, Youth Court Director |

5400 20th Street Extension
Meridian, MS 39307


Veldore Young Graham, Youth Court Judge

5400 20th Street Extension
Meridian, MS 39307


Lisa Howell, Youth Court Judge

5400 20th Street Extension
Meridian, MS 39307

Justice Court

Justice Court, which convenes on the sixth floor of the Courthouse Annex, deals with civil suits up to $2,500, landlord/tenant hearings, misdemeanor cases involving Mississippi Highway Patrol, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department, and Constable arrests, traffic citations and DUI’s. The Court conducts preliminary hearings, initial appearances and bond hearings, and issues arrest warrants.

Nikita Wilkins
Court Administrator

410 Constitution Ave 6th Floor
Meridian, MS 39301

Richard L. “Ricky” Roberts
Justice Court Judge, District 1

Ondray Harris, Sr
Justice Court Judge, District 2

Paul Earley
Justice Court Judge, District 3

Buck Roberts
Justice Court Judge, District 4

County Court

County Court shares jurisdiction with Justice Court in all matters, civil and criminal. The County Court also shares jurisdiction with the Circuit and Chancery Courts in all matters of law and equity up to $200,000. The County Court Judges also hear non-capital felony criminal cases transferred by the Circuit Court, criminal and civil appeals from Justice and Municipal Court, as well as domestic abuse protection order cases.

County Court

500 Constitution Ave - 3rd FLOOR

PO Box 1005, Meridian MS 39302-1005

601.482.9715 Fax 601.486.4940

Filing Fee $155.00 (Circuit $162)

Court Administrator

Heather Miles

PO Box 1549, Meridian MS 39302-1549
601.482.9756 or



Veldore Young Graham

Lisa Howell